jMS Patch v.1.32

October 4, 2007

FUCK! European Ip’s got banned again and now this is some real fucked up shit! I can’t play JMS anymore… sold my Ems acc, global sucks. I quit maple.

I think this is the best solution for me and I will be better at school so thank you very much for visiting my Blog, leave it at your favorites, maybe I’m gonna write about something different in my life, maybe about Macintosh PC’s cause I am looking forward to buy a MacBook – less games, less stress – more safety, more fun!

This is what a Mac is!

I can’t give you a promise if I continue this Blog or not, but stay tuned!


Account sold

September 30, 2007

I have been away for some days as you might have noticed. I didn’t had any time to post things in here. Anyway, I sold my EMS Account (POET) my lvl 35 Spearman from Kradia for 15€.

I still play JMS instead and some times Stronghold Crusader which is an awesome strategy game.

Stay tuned!

JMS people are CRAZY…

September 23, 2007

… at least on the KAEDE server :D.

Just switch to CH1 and go to HHG (HenesysHuntingGround) and you will see at least 5 people who have done 4th job. Not only that.. you see fucking much people over lvl 70 there and those guys are making crazy things. 3 DK’s always made DragonRoar, while Hermits always threw stars and the 4th job mages made those insane new skill where everything on the screen gets fucked up. Those guys are insane!! Maybe I will make a video later that looks crazy man!! I had lagg like hell on my 2,8ghz laptop with 1gb ram.

You gotta see this:


Fuck man… FUCK!

1st Job Advancement

September 22, 2007

Made my first job advancement today as a Warrior, like I said yesterday. I have to say that they made A LOT new features and changes in the game since the last time I played JMS.

Many noob quests have been added. Slimes, Stumps and Pigs are now available on Maple Island. New items…

Took me like 30 mins to be lvl 10. It is so easier than in EMS. Because of the 1.25x Exp and the new quests.

There are also lvl 200 NPC’s now I made a screenshot of it:


That’s crazy man! I dont know what those NPC’s are talking about, but they look great. I think they give lvl 200 players the lvl 200 exclusive skills but I am not sure, so don’t flame me when I’m wrong.

Lvl 10 now and it start’s to make fun 🙂 Hope I will get a guild soon so I am not that alone =).


September 21, 2007

I didn’t post anything on my Blog since 6 days. You might asked yourself why. There are more then a few reasons for it. The first reason was because I didn’t have the time to post anything new in here, I had to do a lot of stuff for school and stuff like that, I hope you understand what I try to say. Cause the first school days after the 2 months vacation started and I had to buy new equips and had to keep up very intensive for school. Well i actually still need to keep up in my school life this year because this is my last year and I am looking forward for “DA BIG TEST” lol. And if i suck at it, then I have to suck at some crackers balls and I wont get a good job. So dont blame me if I dont post anything here for a long time. I will be back don’t worry. But there are other stuff to do right now then playing an online game.

The other reason for not posting anything was, that I lost interest in EUROPEAN MapleStory. I got bored of it cause it takes damn long to level up. As you might read I was lvl 35 but I sucked and it started to make me sick. My character will be still there I wont delete it. MAYBE I will continue to play EMS one day thats why I don’t want to give me Account infos to someone. A friend asked for it i said “Yes i give the password to you later” but I mean VERY LATER maybe in 2-3 months lol who knows.

There is another MapleStory versions (there are a few). Those versions are better and it’s easier to level up there so thats why I am starting in a new version – JapaneseMapleStory (JMS). It has the most items, most maps and 1.25x more exp and better places to level up. I played JMS 2 years before but i had to quit due to the IP ban and now there arent bans anymore and I cant continue my main char -.-  Cause I’ve forgotten my password. Anyway I made a new acc on the KAEDE server. My new chars name is “GencFB”, don’t ask me what it means. If you ask yourself what it will be; I will make a Fighter of him cause I like the Advanced Combo at 4th job it kicks ass xD

Here is a screeny of my new char, he’s lvl 1 now but later he will be higher.


For now let’s hope the best for me and my char. Please visit my Blog more often and don’t forget: It’s still active in here.

And if you want to join JMS just letme know and I will make you an acc. Also i am looking forward to make a registration guide for JMS. So stay tuned!

POET a.k.a. GencFB

MapleStory Chips

September 15, 2007

Yea you read it right, MapleStory CHIPS! Most of the people know the Chips brand called CHEETOS ( If not: ).

Cheetos Taiwan made some new chips with MapleStory pictures on it, or simply MapleStory chips 🙂 It came with 3 brandew special Maple Edition packs with different tastes. I gotta get them but they are only buyable in Taiwan now 😦


If you never ate any sort of Cheetos chips, then you gotta get a pack and eat it! It’s awesome! There is nothing better (Maybe Lays or Doritos, but I like them all).

Note: You cant buy Cheetos chips in every country. In Germany there are no Cheetos chips for example. You could import it from Turkey or USA or Taiwan or other countries (I dont know which country sells Cheetos except the ones i listed above), or buy it from me but I only have Lays and Doritos sorry LMFAO! 😀


Strawberry – New guild

September 14, 2007

Very lucky day for me today. First i leveled up to lvl 35, got new equips. Made my first LudiPQ with noobs and didnt finished lol.
I asked a girl if she could add me to her guild and she said yes and added me. It’s a very sweet guild called Strawberry.


Also I finally finished the “Mr. Wetbottom’s Secret Book” quest and got my Sauna Robe 🙂


I hate this quest, it took so damn long.


September 14, 2007

You asked yourself why the heck I aint posting anything on my Blog since a few days? Cause there wasn’t anything to post lol. 😀

There were things I could post, but I hadn’t the time to do it cause I had a lot of things to do in my spare time. But here is your long awaited post.

LEVEL 35 now with a brandew fresh style my character looks more stylish than before and ownz the streets loooool.


I cant make LudiPQ now noone will PQ me, but if I get one then a noob pt which will piss me off so I will train in Orbis on Jr. Cellion, Jr. Lioner or Jr. Grupin or in Ludi on Ratz. I will check out later which one is better for me. Till lvl 40 maybe then I might get good PQs in Ludi.

And now check out my new style:



Surprise, surprise… ^_^

September 10, 2007

I am back again in Maple EU with some great news.

You might have read my blogs old posts where I posted, that my friend eliteschadow quit Maple because he got scammed by a bitch who fucks for 1€ on the streets. Now he is back again and made it up to level 31. He trained a lot while I was away. Congratulations eliteschadow go on I will see you when you’re level 70!!! Of course I wanna be lvl 70 too lol who doesnt want that? Well I am talking too much bullshit.

I leveled too now i am lvl 33…



I’m back from vacation…

September 8, 2007

Hey folks I’m back from vacation. I had a great time in the past 5 weeks. Meet up with my old friends and enjoyed every time with them omg it was so GREAT i can’t describe it. I bought new shoes, clothes and some other goodies for over 500€ now i am too poor to believe. I wanted to buy a new pc but now i can forget it 😀 Well now I need to save up money for my new car and my driving license. Cause I need over 25k € for my license + my dream car PEUGEOT 207. Planning to tune it, this will cost me over 30k € more, but it will own the streets after that. Some people may think now that a Peugeot 207 is a very shitty car, but it isn’t! It looks so small and sexy and if you tune it, then it fucks everything . Here are some pics for example:




Yes, this is a tuned PEUGEOT 207 RC, can you feel it? 😀

If you want more look at this vid:

Also look at this:

OMG i want that car!

But before that i need to wait 1 year, get money, finish my school… a loooong way to go wish me luck!

I will play MapleStory later cause I’m very tired maybe I will sleep now or eat something let’s see. Oh and my dude “eliteschadow” from Maple made it up to lvl 31 while I was at vacation O_o I thought he’s going to quit maple but respect!!!

See ya!