My Birthday xD

July 28, 2007

Hey dudes..

today is my birthday :=) yay! My mom bought me a new awesome watch, you can see it in the picture. She also told me that she’s going to buy me some new fresh shoes, lmfao i want the ones from Marck Ecko, lets hope that i get them. Now we’re going to celebrate this awesome day! Oh.. i’ve forgotten – im 16 years old now 🙂 hehe a nice age in here, now i can buy beer in EVERY shop lmao.

Here’s my watch which i got today:

My watch


3 Responses to “My Birthday xD”

  1. kingofstreets said

    Good watch man i like it

  2. matzlord said


  3. maplepoet said

    Thanks dudes, i like it, too.

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