Couldnt play much today – LVL 24 only!!!

July 31, 2007

Well today i could only play 5 hours. Had to go to the teeth doc, after that i went to a friends birthday. Well i will be lvl 25 maybe tonight and get my new set, i am really looking forward to get ’em xD.

We did go to the Cinema – SIMPSONS THE MOVIE !!! YAY 😛

Here’s the ticket (Lol i dont have better things to do):


Well if you ask if the movie is worth watching, then i have to say YES! It’s an wesome movie for the whole family. Go to the Cinema and watch it with friends, etc. Some party are really stupid.. but most of the things are great and i laughed A LOT xD


2 Responses to “Couldnt play much today – LVL 24 only!!!”

  1. kingofstreets said

    Simpsons Movie is a great film. You can stop playing for it^^:D

  2. maplepoet said

    Yea you can but im fucking lvl 26 now i want to be lvl 30 -.-

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