Blog break…

August 9, 2007

Hello my dear friends and visitors,

As you might have noticed, more and more people are visiting my Blog every day to read my Posts about my Life and the MMORPG called MapleStory. Even more people are getting registered on WordPress to write comments on my Blogs. My Blog is a little bit more famous then the first days. I hope you like my Blog and i am looking forward to post more things in the future and keep my friends and the visitors up to date. I think you have noticed the new Header (The Picture on the top of this Blog), which i made myself and it took me one hour to make it. It’s not that special, but a lot of people like it. This is something i made to proof you how updated my Blog is. I put a lot of time in it. Please leave me some Comments if you want, how you like or hate my Blog lol. I would be happy about every comment.

Now let’s come to the main thing:

I have to take a little break with my Blog. It’s very bullshit that i have to do this in such a great time, were a lot of visitors enjoy my Blog, but i cant continue the next 5 weeks with my Blog. Yes you got it, i wont post anything on my Blog within the next 5 weeks. If you ask yourself why the hell i take a that long break… Well it is because i am going on vacation, to relax and to have a great time with my friends in my home country. After my vacation i will still continue to post things on my Blog, so please bookmark my Blog and visit it after i come back from vacation.

I had a lot of fun making and keep writing stuff on my Blog, but you cant prevent some breaks. I want to say THANK YOU to every single person who visited my Blog and wrote comments. I hope you wont forgot me and my Blog. Also i want to thank all my friends on MapleStory, which is a really great game. Thanks to my Guild Forever and Soala for adding me to his French guild as the only and one person who isnt’t French. I could write a list with all the names in MapleStory, but that list would be very long so please, if you cant find your name here, be sure that i thank you in every way you helped me or PQed with me in Maple.

Ok people, this will be my last sentence for the next 5 weeks, so thank you very much again and have a great time and don’t forget my Blog.

Here you see howmany visitors visited my Blog the last 30 days:


Again, thanks very much and have a nice day!

= POET – The POET of European Maple Story =


Lvl 32

August 8, 2007

This was the most boring leveling progress with my char. First i tried my luck at Fire Boars at Burnt Land in Perion. They gave me insane EXP, but fucked up all my potions in less then 30  minutes (I had over 200 HP and 200 MP pots^^). So went to Ant Tunnel. Exp is OK here and i dont need to use that much HP pots. Now i will stay in the Ant Tunnel till lvl 34 or 35, then i will try my luck on the jr. thingys on Orbis. And at around lvl 40 i will do LPQ.

Lvl 32

Last PQ :=(

August 7, 2007

Made it to lvl 31 today. That was my last PQ. I had a great time PQing with you all. I made new friends from over 10 countries in Europe because of PQing. Thank you very much, next PQing will start at lvl 35+ maybe lvl 40 cause noone will PQ me at lvl 35 lol. However i hope to meet some other people. I dont know what to do now, maybe i do quests or train a little bit ROFL LMFAO.

OK check out this Screenshot in Kerning City PQ Bonus Stage:


I want to thank you again. I could make a list with the names of the people i made a PQ with lol, but i have forgotten 90% of the people. However thank you very much to all the people who made a PQ with me.


Yay lvl 30 – finally!!

August 6, 2007

Finally, after 2 weeks of playing i made it upto lvl 30. OMFG it took me 2-3 days from lvl 29 to lvl 30. Thats so sick. I hope i wont be that slow at higher levels. But its taking longer and longer to level up.

Here you see my last PQ before the 2nd Job Advancement as a Spearman :


After the PQ i went to Dances with Balrogs NPC to make the 2nd Job Advancement, took me like 1 hour to do it since the fucking monsters didnt dropped the Dark marbles well. But i handeled to do it then:


After i made the 2nd Job Advancement, I went to Orbis to buy my new Armor and a new Spear. Then i went to El Nath to buy the lvl 30 SnowShoes for Warrior. Took me 2 hours to do all that shit, but i look very awesome now and not too noobish at all.

Made a Screenshot there:


What ya think? Looks nice wha?

Well done!

Oh by the way: My friend eliteschadow quit Maple because he got scammed by a daughter of a bitch. What a faggot. Well both people were dumb at that situation. He decided to quit because he only had 6k left and didnt had an armor or a weapon. Well thats bullshit man! He told me that he will maybe rejoin a day.. well… let’s see.

New GUILD :=)

August 5, 2007

I left my old guild called DieLegenden, because it was full with sons of bitches and noobs. There were also too many people who tought that they were the best. I don’t want to be in such a sucky guild. So i asked a French dude to join his guild called Forever and he invited me, so i joined :=). Well i am very happy now, the people seem to be very friendly, they’re all french and talk very friendly to me. That was what i wanted 🙂 This is what a call a good guild. Our highest lvl is like 5x and we have 5 people who are over lvl 30. No more noobs like in the old guild.

Now let’s come to my level. Still 29 now, but i am @ 91,xx% :=). I can’t play anymore today cause i am very sick and tired of yesterday with the boss’ fucking garden -.- My back hurts like hell.

I will lvl up tomorrow early in the morning, make 2nd Job advancement as SPEARMAN, buy my new armors and my new spear and do some quests in orbis. Then i buy the lvl 30 snowshoes and come back to victoria.

I deleted my Screenie lol but:


Fucking day…

August 4, 2007

This was my shittest day in my 1 year of working. Omg the Boss gave me the shitiest work. I had to clean up hic fucking garden 10 hours long OMFG! That fucking rats and snakes everywhere in his garden omg. I worked all the day so couldnt play maple xD

Well.. as you see i have a real life 🙂

Here’s an awesome movie where you see some JMS dudes killing the right head of HornTail, the strongest boss in maple story. Some people in the party are godmoding, you can see it when you look at the people and the recorders HP bar NEVER decreases. But there are also some people who dont godmode xD .Well HornTail is too fucking hard to kill!

Lvl 29^^

August 3, 2007

One level left until 2nd job. 1 week of hardcore training and many hours of playing. Well it’s good that i have no school, or i would be bad xD

Here’s a screenie of me and some friends making PQ:


My friend Löwenherz wont be online for 5 weeks cause he’s going on vacation 😦

Well i will be offline 5 weeks too. But i go next Friday on vacation so i can post and play a little bit more.

Chilling in the Sauna^^


I hope you continue to read my Blog. Feel free to write comments or give my link to everyone, so they can visit me. My visitors are increasing more and more and i hope that my blog will be very popular a day.


Oh my holy fucking shit!

August 2, 2007

This is the most insane shit that i’ve ever seen on MapleStory!!!

Here you see 30+ people fucking up the Bodyguard Monster, which was summoned in Sleepywood.


***~~~+++LVL 27++~~~***

August 1, 2007

Well played the whole day and made it upto lvl 27. I could be level 28 if a son of a bitch called Maupitza wouldn’t KSed me all the time. He first came to my CH and SPOT, followed me all the fucking time, called me noob, cursed and dissed me. Then he called his motherfucking friends and they all dropped my fame – now i have -2 fame. What a FAG! Well after that i bought fame from another guy for cheap 5k’s.. but the -1 fame makes me shitty because of this noob who KSed me all the fucking day. Because of that motherfucking son of a bitch i wanted to quit maple, but fuck him! He’s a gaylord and a cracker, nothing more so i continue to play this awesome game.

Screenie of the day, where you see me lvl up(27):