***~~~+++LVL 27++~~~***

August 1, 2007

Well played the whole day and made it upto lvl 27. I could be level 28 if a son of a bitch called Maupitza wouldn’t KSed me all the time. He first came to my CH and SPOT, followed me all the fucking time, called me noob, cursed and dissed me. Then he called his motherfucking friends and they all dropped my fame – now i have -2 fame. What a FAG! Well after that i bought fame from another guy for cheap 5k’s.. but the -1 fame makes me shitty because of this noob who KSed me all the fucking day. Because of that motherfucking son of a bitch i wanted to quit maple, but fuck him! He’s a gaylord and a cracker, nothing more so i continue to play this awesome game.

Screenie of the day, where you see me lvl up(27):



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