Lvl 29^^

August 3, 2007

One level left until 2nd job. 1 week of hardcore training and many hours of playing. Well it’s good that i have no school, or i would be bad xD

Here’s a screenie of me and some friends making PQ:


My friend Löwenherz wont be online for 5 weeks cause he’s going on vacation 😦

Well i will be offline 5 weeks too. But i go next Friday on vacation so i can post and play a little bit more.

Chilling in the Sauna^^


I hope you continue to read my Blog. Feel free to write comments or give my link to everyone, so they can visit me. My visitors are increasing more and more and i hope that my blog will be very popular a day.



3 Responses to “Lvl 29^^”

  1. kingofstreets said

    Yea This Photos Rules^^

  2. maplepoet said

    Yo man. I want to be lvl 30 but it takes so fucking long OMG!

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