New GUILD :=)

August 5, 2007

I left my old guild called DieLegenden, because it was full with sons of bitches and noobs. There were also too many people who tought that they were the best. I don’t want to be in such a sucky guild. So i asked a French dude to join his guild called Forever and he invited me, so i joined :=). Well i am very happy now, the people seem to be very friendly, they’re all french and talk very friendly to me. That was what i wanted 🙂 This is what a call a good guild. Our highest lvl is like 5x and we have 5 people who are over lvl 30. No more noobs like in the old guild.

Now let’s come to my level. Still 29 now, but i am @ 91,xx% :=). I can’t play anymore today cause i am very sick and tired of yesterday with the boss’ fucking garden -.- My back hurts like hell.

I will lvl up tomorrow early in the morning, make 2nd Job advancement as SPEARMAN, buy my new armors and my new spear and do some quests in orbis. Then i buy the lvl 30 snowshoes and come back to victoria.

I deleted my Screenie lol but:



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