Yay lvl 30 – finally!!

August 6, 2007

Finally, after 2 weeks of playing i made it upto lvl 30. OMFG it took me 2-3 days from lvl 29 to lvl 30. Thats so sick. I hope i wont be that slow at higher levels. But its taking longer and longer to level up.

Here you see my last PQ before the 2nd Job Advancement as a Spearman :


After the PQ i went to Dances with Balrogs NPC to make the 2nd Job Advancement, took me like 1 hour to do it since the fucking monsters didnt dropped the Dark marbles well. But i handeled to do it then:


After i made the 2nd Job Advancement, I went to Orbis to buy my new Armor and a new Spear. Then i went to El Nath to buy the lvl 30 SnowShoes for Warrior. Took me 2 hours to do all that shit, but i look very awesome now and not too noobish at all.

Made a Screenshot there:


What ya think? Looks nice wha?

Well done!

Oh by the way: My friend eliteschadow quit Maple because he got scammed by a daughter of a bitch. What a faggot. Well both people were dumb at that situation. He decided to quit because he only had 6k left and didnt had an armor or a weapon. Well thats bullshit man! He told me that he will maybe rejoin a day.. well… let’s see.


One Response to “Yay lvl 30 – finally!!”

  1. maplepoet said

    Yay yay yay yay yay xD ROFL LMFAO!

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