Last PQ :=(

August 7, 2007

Made it to lvl 31 today. That was my last PQ. I had a great time PQing with you all. I made new friends from over 10 countries in Europe because of PQing. Thank you very much, next PQing will start at lvl 35+ maybe lvl 40 cause noone will PQ me at lvl 35 lol. However i hope to meet some other people. I dont know what to do now, maybe i do quests or train a little bit ROFL LMFAO.

OK check out this Screenshot in Kerning City PQ Bonus Stage:


I want to thank you again. I could make a list with the names of the people i made a PQ with lol, but i have forgotten 90% of the people. However thank you very much to all the people who made a PQ with me.



6 Responses to “Last PQ :=(”

  1. hismuse said

    hi, just a note…don’t change your avatar just because someone is uptight about it, nothing wrong with it anyway.

  2. maplepoet said

    Well i wont change it lol. I think the guys dick was tight after seeing my avatar hahahahah.

  3. hismuse said

    Yes, I think they all have their panties in a wad over there from what I’ve seen.

  4. maplepoet said

    ROFL !!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. minumix said

    Hello, i forget visit but now im back!
    gongrats!”yay!finland rocks! hehe..

  6. maplepoet said

    hehe yea lol.
    Nice to see you on my blog my friend xD

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