Lvl 32

August 8, 2007

This was the most boring leveling progress with my char. First i tried my luck at Fire Boars at Burnt Land in Perion. They gave me insane EXP, but fucked up all my potions in less then 30  minutes (I had over 200 HP and 200 MP pots^^). So went to Ant Tunnel. Exp is OK here and i dont need to use that much HP pots. Now i will stay in the Ant Tunnel till lvl 34 or 35, then i will try my luck on the jr. thingys on Orbis. And at around lvl 40 i will do LPQ.

Lvl 32


2 Responses to “Lvl 32”

  1. minumix said

    gongrats for lvling.

  2. maplepoet said

    Thank you very much minumix 🙂
    And thx for visiting my Blog 😉

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