I’m back from vacation…

September 8, 2007

Hey folks I’m back from vacation. I had a great time in the past 5 weeks. Meet up with my old friends and enjoyed every time with them omg it was so GREAT i can’t describe it. I bought new shoes, clothes and some other goodies for over 500€ now i am too poor to believe. I wanted to buy a new pc but now i can forget it 😀 Well now I need to save up money for my new car and my driving license. Cause I need over 25k € for my license + my dream car PEUGEOT 207. Planning to tune it, this will cost me over 30k € more, but it will own the streets after that. Some people may think now that a Peugeot 207 is a very shitty car, but it isn’t! It looks so small and sexy and if you tune it, then it fucks everything . Here are some pics for example:




Yes, this is a tuned PEUGEOT 207 RC, can you feel it? 😀

If you want more look at this vid:

Also look at this:

OMG i want that car!

But before that i need to wait 1 year, get money, finish my school… a loooong way to go wish me luck!

I will play MapleStory later cause I’m very tired maybe I will sleep now or eat something let’s see. Oh and my dude “eliteschadow” from Maple made it up to lvl 31 while I was at vacation O_o I thought he’s going to quit maple but respect!!!

See ya!


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