MapleStory Chips

September 15, 2007

Yea you read it right, MapleStory CHIPS! Most of the people know the Chips brand called CHEETOS ( If not: ).

Cheetos Taiwan made some new chips with MapleStory pictures on it, or simply MapleStory chips 🙂 It came with 3 brandew special Maple Edition packs with different tastes. I gotta get them but they are only buyable in Taiwan now 😦


If you never ate any sort of Cheetos chips, then you gotta get a pack and eat it! It’s awesome! There is nothing better (Maybe Lays or Doritos, but I like them all).

Note: You cant buy Cheetos chips in every country. In Germany there are no Cheetos chips for example. You could import it from Turkey or USA or Taiwan or other countries (I dont know which country sells Cheetos except the ones i listed above), or buy it from me but I only have Lays and Doritos sorry LMFAO! 😀



3 Responses to “MapleStory Chips”

  1. Genji said

    Very intersting, I saw this somewhere on SW before. Sooner or later, you’ll see MS everywhere…..outside the US of course!

  2. windjungj said

    For one thing, we aren’t moving just yet.

    My parents haven’t even started packing. I already have. Right now all my room has is a bed on the floor and my labtop and aquarium. Everything else is in boxes at the garage. They decided not to do it yet, cause it is their habit to do everything last minute. Heck, I even helped my brother do his room, and the bathroom too.

    My point is, my parents aren’t probably going to do anything until next week.

    xd I would help them, but they don’t need any help yet, because they havent even started!

  3. maplepoet said

    @windjungi: Oh I understand that dude. It’s a lot of stress you know? Lot of work to do xD

    @Genji: I hope to buy those chips soon but i cant find a store O_o

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