September 21, 2007

I didn’t post anything on my Blog since 6 days. You might asked yourself why. There are more then a few reasons for it. The first reason was because I didn’t have the time to post anything new in here, I had to do a lot of stuff for school and stuff like that, I hope you understand what I try to say. Cause the first school days after the 2 months vacation started and I had to buy new equips and had to keep up very intensive for school. Well i actually still need to keep up in my school life this year because this is my last year and I am looking forward for “DA BIG TEST” lol. And if i suck at it, then I have to suck at some crackers balls and I wont get a good job. So dont blame me if I dont post anything here for a long time. I will be back don’t worry. But there are other stuff to do right now then playing an online game.

The other reason for not posting anything was, that I lost interest in EUROPEAN MapleStory. I got bored of it cause it takes damn long to level up. As you might read I was lvl 35 but I sucked and it started to make me sick. My character will be still there I wont delete it. MAYBE I will continue to play EMS one day thats why I don’t want to give me Account infos to someone. A friend asked for it i said “Yes i give the password to you later” but I mean VERY LATER maybe in 2-3 months lol who knows.

There is another MapleStory versions (there are a few). Those versions are better and it’s easier to level up there so thats why I am starting in a new version – JapaneseMapleStory (JMS). It has the most items, most maps and 1.25x more exp and better places to level up. I played JMS 2 years before but i had to quit due to the IP ban and now there arent bans anymore and I cant continue my main char -.-  Cause I’ve forgotten my password. Anyway I made a new acc on the KAEDE server. My new chars name is “GencFB”, don’t ask me what it means. If you ask yourself what it will be; I will make a Fighter of him cause I like the Advanced Combo at 4th job it kicks ass xD

Here is a screeny of my new char, he’s lvl 1 now but later he will be higher.


For now let’s hope the best for me and my char. Please visit my Blog more often and don’t forget: It’s still active in here.

And if you want to join JMS just letme know and I will make you an acc. Also i am looking forward to make a registration guide for JMS. So stay tuned!

POET a.k.a. GencFB


7 Responses to “News”

  1. kingofstreets said

    wtf 2-3 months i play my own char because i cant wait so long sorry.^XD^^

  2. kingofstreets said

    Hey POET whats goging on. Sorry but I play my own char because i dont can wait 2-3monthsXD.

  3. maplepoet said

    Hey man I am doing fine what about you? Do you wanna join JMS?

  4. kingofstreets said

    Iam fine too. Mhh i dont know i have a char in global maybe I join jms

  5. maplepoet said

    I have chars on global, europe, sea, korean and japanese maple LOL. Come join JMS we will have fun.

  6. kingofstreets said

    ok i join^^ but when its boring I leave the game

  7. maplepoet said

    Lol u said you joining but all you do is fuck around at JMS and don’t level up. So why the fuck do you join? I can’t understand this dude. Also I am NOT giving you my EMS acc.

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