1st Job Advancement

September 22, 2007

Made my first job advancement today as a Warrior, like I said yesterday. I have to say that they made A LOT new features and changes in the game since the last time I played JMS.

Many noob quests have been added. Slimes, Stumps and Pigs are now available on Maple Island. New items…

Took me like 30 mins to be lvl 10. It is so easier than in EMS. Because of the 1.25x Exp and the new quests.

There are also lvl 200 NPC’s now I made a screenshot of it:


That’s crazy man! I dont know what those NPC’s are talking about, but they look great. I think they give lvl 200 players the lvl 200 exclusive skills but I am not sure, so don’t flame me when I’m wrong.

Lvl 10 now and it start’s to make fun 🙂 Hope I will get a guild soon so I am not that alone =).


2 Responses to “1st Job Advancement”

  1. windjungj said

    Lol, you better hope you get an English speaking guild ;] I joined KMS and I got invited to a guild 3 weeks into the game except the kicked me out cause they were probably asking me a question in japanese and i didnt answer, I just put “hi?”


  2. maplepoet said

    loool the same thing happened to me when I played JMS for the first time. Some weird japanese dudes randomly added me and 5 minutes later they kicked me. Anyways I found my old Guild in JMS but they blocked European IP’s what a fuck!

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