JMS people are CRAZY…

September 23, 2007

… at least on the KAEDE server :D.

Just switch to CH1 and go to HHG (HenesysHuntingGround) and you will see at least 5 people who have done 4th job. Not only that.. you see fucking much people over lvl 70 there and those guys are making crazy things. 3 DK’s always made DragonRoar, while Hermits always threw stars and the 4th job mages made those insane new skill where everything on the screen gets fucked up. Those guys are insane!! Maybe I will make a video later that looks crazy man!! I had lagg like hell on my 2,8ghz laptop with 1gb ram.

You gotta see this:


Fuck man… FUCK!


2 Responses to “JMS people are CRAZY…”

  1. windjungj said

    That’s crazy sexy!

    More pictures plox haha!

  2. maplepoet said

    well I cant post em I got banned from JMS 😦 They blocked European IpS dammn!

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