jMS Patch v.1.32

October 4, 2007

FUCK! European Ip’s got banned again and now this is some real fucked up shit! I can’t play JMS anymore… sold my Ems acc, global sucks. I quit maple.

I think this is the best solution for me and I will be better at school so thank you very much for visiting my Blog, leave it at your favorites, maybe I’m gonna write about something different in my life, maybe about Macintosh PC’s cause I am looking forward to buy a MacBook – less games, less stress – more safety, more fun!

This is what a Mac is!

I can’t give you a promise if I continue this Blog or not, but stay tuned!


4 Responses to “jMS Patch v.1.32”

  1. hismuse said

    Yes, why not stick around and write about something else? You seem like an interesting enough person. Do it!

  2. maplepoet said

    Wow thanks very much.. when I have the time to do it I will write some stuff in the future xD

  3. hismuse said

    Have you seen this on youtube?
    For gamers…

  4. maplepoet said

    hehe yes, thats so awesome. But the translation sucks, if you know German then this is very idiotic for you, but the Concept is awesome xD

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